11 January 2009

Maki Goto J-pop singer

Maki Goto born September 23, 1985 in Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan is a J-pop singer currently signed to the sublabel Rhythm Zone under the Avex Trax label. Before joining Avex, she was a soloist of Hello! Project and member of Morning Musume. She has performed in numerous Hello! Project subgroups such as Petitmoni, Akagumi 4, 7-nin Matsuri, Sexy 8, Gomattou and Nochiura Natsumi.

15 September 2008

Aya Matsuura , a J-pop artist and actress

Aya Matsuura
Aya Matsuura
Aya Matsuura
Aya Matsuura
Aya Matsuura

Name: Aya Matsuura
Profession: Singer, Actress and Model
Birthday:(1981-01-24)(1981-02-06)(1982-09-07) 25 June 1986
Height: 157cm
Birthplace: Hyōgo, Japan

27 August 2008

Kim Sa-rang

Kim Sa-rang (born January 12, 1978) is a Korean actress. Her first name is the Korean word for "love".

Kim was crowned Miss Korea on May 28, 2000 at the Sejong Cultural Center, the site of the 1980 Miss Universe Pageant, and was subsequently handed her acting career. She also represented the Land of the Morning Calm (Korea) in the Miss Universe Pageant 2001. During the pageant, she won the award for Best National Costume because of her beautiful Korean hanbok dress.

She has a degree in Korean music from Yongin University.